Saturday 4 January 2014

Movie review

All is Lost

Off to see All is Lost, having seen the trailer and thought maybe Robert Redford had read my book.  But the timing does not match so no need for me to call my lawyer.

As a human interest movie I suppose it is mildly interesting.  If it had not been Robert Rredford out of retirement and with all the fantastic reputation he brings to the show no one would be much interested with this movie I guess.  Except perhaps single handed sailors.

So how does it stack up as a sailors movie.  Not very well.  The first scene with the sea anchor was a joke to anyone who knows about such things.  A hole in the side as depicted would have been easy to deal with -  a few screws and a piece of plywood and all would be right,  A container would not have done the amount of damage portrayed.  (There are not containers floating round out there I believe.)  All the yachts systems go down inexplicably. Why did the radio ariel become disconnected?

On the plus side the choice of boat was good an old Cal 35.  But the equipment was a bit dated compared to what a modern day cruiser would have had.  The weary way the aged sailor went about his tasks were realistic.  The liferaft scene where he rights it is realistic.  Redford at 77 looks great.

In general I would spend your money on my latest book.  Much better value.

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