Friday 25 April 2014

Glenshane Season 2014

Welcome to the new Glen Season 2014.

For the past 6 weeks I have been slaving away doing up Glenshane, preparing her for the new season.  First there were a few repairs. Two sections of the toe rail needed attention.  A foot long section at the stern where we got whacked while rounding a mark last year and the second, a long section amid ship where the rail was loose and rot was starting to develop.  I removed a 6 foot length of rail, filled and painted under it and then returned the rail to its former place using copious amounts of sealant.
Then it was on to the underwater hull.  This leaks quite a bit so I went around with a chisel raking out the seams which seemed suspect in places, taking the painted hull to the bare timber.  Next was an application of all weather sealant from a hardware shop.  This seems better than silicone as it is paintable and claims to stick to damp surfaces.  On top of the sealant goes an application of polyester filler which can be sanded.  Then lots of thick primer and more sanding then at least two coats of anti foul.
But I am in danger of boring everybody.  Who wants to read about paint drying.
The old boat (built about 1951) is tired.  A bit like myself who was built about the same time.  The wood is tired and brittle.  There are patches and spots of rot under the paint almost like a body riddled with cancer.  I hope the analogy ends before there.  But she has got style (in buckets!)  which is more than I can say for myself.

I will post a couple of photos and leave it at that.
 Early Days
 Rail repair
 Diamonds.  Gone.

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