Thursday, 5 September 2013

Laser Worlds

End Of season distractions

With the world Laser Championship taking place out my front window and the weather continuing its exceptional mild run it seemed like a sensible thing to do to sail out and check it out. Here is the view from the front of the house:
A  nice chap on a GB rib dropped us on board.  I asked him if he had any Olympic medals to which he replied he was just a Youth Coach and then he lit a cigarette.

On the starting line all was confusion in the 20 knot wind.  We trashed back and forth getting wet from the spray.  The OD was having difficulties too.  Three times he tried to get the fleet away but had to recall the lot.  Joshua was very patient and put on my oilskin but was probably just as glad when I said we would head for home. We picked up the mooring and had our sandwiches and coffee.

Good luck to Finn Lynch and all the other Irish boats.  I doubt that the America Cup boats would have gone out in those winds.

From Sandymount
From Sandymount

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